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James Hudson, LMT
James Hudson, LMT
James Hudson is an Arkansas board licensed massage therapist. He has been serving the Central Arkansas area since 2007. James is a graduate of the Touching America Hot Spring School of Massage Therapy. James continually strives to expand his knowledge and skills though continuing education courses, both required and optional. He believes the best way to serve his clients is to stay informed and current on new techniques in massage and bodywork.

As a licensed massage therapist, I approach this profession the same way I live my life. As my client, you can be sure that you will be treated with dignity and respect and I will work with you to tailor your sessions so that you gain the maximum benefits. My goal is to provide a plan to alleviate pain, combat fatigue as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness. I believe that massage is a healing art and science, providing a relaxing experience by artistic hand strokes on the body to revitalize the mind and body and eliminate stress.

Each client is unique just as the touch of each therapist is different. Knowing this I keep an open mind and listen to the needs of the client. I use skilled hands and intuitive observations to give you and your body what you need most at that moment. Whatever your needs may be, my goal is to restore balance. At this point the client is a clean slate and I use my fingers ,hands and forearms to write their stories.

I feel a profound gratitude to be in this profession and to practice massage therapy. I am truly blessed to be in a career where I can integrate what I do, with who I am, what I feel and where I want to be in life; whole, happy and in harmony with my beliefs. Massage therapy has so much to offer and I look forward to (literally and figuratively!) touching the lives of as many people that I can!

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